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book: Wild Mind



I haven't been in touch with you about Creative Writing all semester.

Honestly, when Corona struck, I wasn't able to connect with my emotions to write, so I kept putting it off. However, this is not fair to you!

So, in order for you to get a grade for this course, I want you to write three more times. Use the writing practice rules. Here are five writing prompts. Choose the three you most connect with:

1. My earliest memory

2. Write about old shoes

3. My Corona Vacation

4. Outside of the window.

5 (see following picture)

And, you have all summer. Finish by 1/9/20

11/1/20: Assignment Three:

Here is a folder with five pages to read and a final page with an assignment. I must warn you that the content is adult. It talks about sex (in rude language) and death. I believe that it is fine for you, but if you feel that this is an issue, tell me and I will edit it accordingly.

So, read the pages and do the assignment. And, comment on each other's and my writing.

I sat down to do the assignment today and it is hard. It is really hard. But, I still think all three of us should do it. I don't think we should let it being hard, stop us. But, I realized I would need more time to think, more time to let things come to a boil inside me. I suspect the two of you do too.

Meanwhile, I want to share with you something I wrote three years ago. By chance, it is the assignment. I still will do this assignment, but I am sharing this here because I am hoping it will move us to write.

20/1/15 Writing About Teeth

I don’t want to write about teeth. I don’t want to think about teeth. I don’t want to think about my teeth.

They disturb me greatly.

It’s not really how ugly they are with their deep brown nicotine stains, caverns of empty spaces and spreading gaps. I hate their ugliness. I am embarrassed by them. But, I could cover my self disgust, conveying a convincingly confident front of not caring.

I can stand upright with an open smile declaring: I am what I am and I demand you love me anyway. I’m practiced at my demands, quite skilled at insisting that my physical presence isn’t what’s important, isn’t who I am.

“Feel my spirit, my mind and heart. Ignore the rest.”

And, the repetition of my message, its consistent clatter, conquers almost everybody. Plus, there is the implied manipulation. Almost everyone has their own pockets of self disgust.

“If you ignore mine, I’ll ignore yours.”

So, it isn’t really the ugliness that makes me want to forget my teeth. It isn’t their gross presence.

Its their potential for pain, their looming anguish that constantly awaits me with every meal I prepare, every glass of water I lift to my lips and with each tasty treat offered by those loving others who have managed to feel my beauty, appreciating me despite my physicality.

My untreated teeth, so threatening that they require me to carry disinfectant for them, lugged around with me in a secret pocket in my bag.

I want to be distracted from them because I fear them so much, feel so guilty for not taking care of them and feel so incapable of dealing with my fear and guilt that I allow another day and another day and another day to go by, adding up into decades.

They are enormous and monstrous.

I don’t want to write about my teeth, but yet I do.

Because even writing about my teeth is easier than writing about the unshed tears burning at my eyelids, writing about the sound of my voice speaking normally and then suddenly choking back an impulse to weep, writing about what I really need to write about.

It’s been almost two years. I need to write about how I feel about my sister’s death.

16/11/19: Assignment Two

9/10/19: I am officially opening the Creative Writing course. If any of you do not want to be in the course, just remove yourself from the group.

I have opened a page for each of you. It is on this page that you will write all of your assignments. Each of you has a link to your page on the school site on this page.

When you write an assignment, please

1. always write the new assignment on the top (like a blog)

2. always write the date.

All the reading in this course comes from a book called Wild Minds. It is a book for adults, so the content can be for mature readers. I think you all can handle it. I am now sending you to read The Rules of Writing Practice. Also, I am sending an assignment.

If you are doing this course for 2 hours a week, please do the assignment twice. If you are only one hour a week, once is enough. Please have this finished by Thursday, 24/10.

1/4/19: New Assignment!

Write a story that ends with the following:

The two looked at each other, at first puzzled, but gradually their delight and satisfaction was clearly apparent on their faces. They nodded at each other and happily agreed to go out for cheeseburgers.

3/17/19: Your assignment for 28/3/19: Write something inspired from one of these pictures.

3/3/19: Write a story about something that really happened to you, but write it in the third person and change the end.

2/12/18: Your next assignment

18/11/18: I am sorry to say that none of us did the last assignment.

This includes me.

In my opinion, it was too hard.

So, today I am giving a new assignment, but without any reading. Just a writing prompt.

Please, everyone do it!

In addition, Yael did do the last assignment.

Please read her entry and leave a comment.

Writing prompt to be posted by Thursday, 29/11/18: We are all veterans of “wars” in our lives and in our culture. Our personal wars come in many forms: a war against laundry; a war against a boyfriend; a war with yourself; a war with your environment; a war with a friend or parent; a war in your community; a war against intolerance, faith, etc. Tell your own personal “war story” – a time when you were at war.

1/11/18: You have a new assignment in the plastic thingy hanging in my classroom. Please have it done by 15/11/18.

Also continue reading and commenting on everyone else's work.

Two technical things.

1. Have the newest assignment on the top of the page, going newest to oldest.

2. Write the date before you start writing.

I moved and added dates on your pages, so it is all fine now, just continue.

21/10/18: Romi, Lia and Nadav did the first assignment.

Well done! You can see my comments on your pages.

New Assignments.

1. Go to the pages of Romi, Lia, Nadav, Yael, Yuval and Ahuva. Read their last writing practice and leave a comment.

2. There is new reading material in my classroom. Read it.

3. Do a writing session of at least 10 minutes. Sit down and look around you. Describe very specifically something you see.

All of this should be finished by Thursday, November 1.

7/10/18: Just to get started, write an I want/I don't want exercise. You can do think/don't think; need/don't need; understand/don't understand; know/don't know; etc. instead. Don't forget to keep your hand moving! Have it written by 18/10.

6/6/16: Final Lesson Summary of the Year.

16/5/16: We Finally Did the Haiku Lesson.

Write a haiku or a poem or anything else you want to write. Maybe, something to do with nature.

2/5/16: Haiku Assignment

11/4/16: We played with Sophia the Who's Who Challenge.

Over Passover Vacation, Write at least Twice.

4/4/16: Writing Prompt - Waiting.

28.3.16: Writing Prompt - Costumes.

14/3/16: Read "Do It" - pages available with Ahuva.

Writing Prompt: I want to write about/I don't want to write about...

7/3/16: Writing Prompt for this Week - The Future.

22/2/16: Describe something you know very well. Include the objects and items there as well as the way they are used and the emotions they evoke.

An Example.

15/2/16: Finish This Story:

I found out we have an attic just a week ago when me and my father looked for some old family photos. Since then I can't stop exploring the place. There are tons of boxes full of journals and old photos that I want to go through. I found this old journal. It was my grandma’s...

8/2/16: Writing Prompt: I had just come out of the bathroom and I was in the hall...

1/2/16: Write another I remember/I don't remember.

25/1/16" Self Assessments.

Use one or more of the following pictures or "I remember the time when..." as writing prompts.

4/1/16: Read "The Gap", copies available in Ahuva'a classroom.

Assignment: Write every day for a week without rereading. We will read it together next Monday.

28/12/15: Use one or more of the following pictures as a writing prompt.

21/12/15: Again I say, Write Some More! This weeks writing prompt is "Home", but you can write anything you want and if you get stuck, go back to "I remember/I don't remember.

30/11/15: Write Some More! This weeks writing prompt is "Fire", but you can write anything you want and if you get stuck, go back to "I remember/I don't remember.

23/11/15: Write Something! Remember/Forget or Teeth or Independence Day or Dreams or Morning Coffee or The Smell of My Room.

16/11/15: Write about something that is hard for you, but write slowly. The chapter from Wild Mind is available for reading in the bag hanging from the bookshelf in Ahuva's classroom.

9/11/15: Read Great Stuff.

Homework: Continue writing last week's entry or write a whole new entry using the writing prompt: a door closes.

2/11/15: Rants and Poetry about Needing to Write.

Writing Prompt: A door.

19/10/15: Build Your Own Style and Structure.

Homework: Write a simple sentence and then another and another. Keep writing till you have built your own structure.

12/10/15: Discuss the Writing Rules and What They Do.

Homework: Write on your Creative Writing Forum page: 10 minutes each starting with another pair: I know/I don't know; I'm afraid/I'm not afraid; I sense/ I don't sense; I feel/ I don't feel.

21/9/15: Read about How Writing Practice Works.

Homework: Write on your Creative Writing Forum page: 10 minutes starting with "I remember..." and then another ten minutes starting with "I don't remember..."

7/9/15: Homework: Write on your Creative Writing Forum page: 10 minutes starting with "I want..." and then another ten minutes starting with "I don't want..."

9/8/15: Three short films from the Jameson First Shot Competition. They are kind of depressing, but that's just to convince Ya'acoby to write something.


The worst thing that can happen to a writer is to become a Writer.

Mary McCarthy

I think I succeeded as a writer because I did not come out of an English department. I used to write in the chemistry department. And I wrote some good stuff. If I had been in the English department, the prof would have looked at my short stories, congratulated me on my talent, and then showed me how Joyce or Hemingway handled the same elements of the short story. The prof would have placed me in competition with the greatest writers of all time, and that would have ended my writing career.

Kurt Vonnegut

To get the right word in the right place is a rare achievement. To condense the diffused light of a page of thought into the luminous flash of a single sentence is worthy to rank as a prize composition just by itself. . . .Anybody can have ideas — the difficulty is to express them without squandering a quire of paper on an idea that ought to be reduced to one glittering paragraph.

Mark Twain

Like every writer, he measured the virtues of other writers by their performance, and asked that they measure him by what he conjectured or planned.

Jorge Luis Borges

A writer is unfair to himself when he is unable to be hard on himself. Marianne Moore There are days when the result is so bad that no fewer than five revisions are required. In contrast, when I’m greatly inspired, only four revisions are needed.

John Kenneth Galbraith

I love writing poetry but it’s taken time, like a difficult courtship that leads to a good marriage, for us to get to know each other. I wrote poetry for seven years to learn how to write a sentence because I really wanted to write novels and I figured thatI couldn’t write a novel until I could write a sentence.

Richard Brautigan

If I read a book and it makes my whole body so cold no fire can ever warm me, I know that is poetry. If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry. These are the only ways I know it. Is there any other way?

Emily Dickinson

I am a crass and ignorant person who considers all poetry, from Shakespeare on down, to be a complete hoax. Like a bore at a cocktail party, most poems discuss only the weather, their feelings, and that little gray bird they saw on their way to work. As with yogurt and math, I’m convinced that anyone who claims to enjoy poetry is lying.

Paul Rudnick

You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some with you.

Joseph Joubert

If your everyday life seems poor to you, do not accuse it; accuse yourself, tell yourself you are not poet enough to summon up its riches; since for the creator there is no poverty and no poor or unimportant place. Rainer Maria Rilke

Write about winter in the summer. Describe Norway as Ibsen did, from a desk in Italy; describe Dublin as James Joyce did, from a desk in Paris. Willa Cather wrote her prairie novels in New York City; Mark Twain wrote Huckleberry Finn in Hartford. Recently, scholars learned that Walt Whitman rarely left his room.

Annie Dillard

The creative process takes its own course. If it did otherwise, it would not be creative. P.W. Martin When asked, “How do you write?” I invariably answer, “One word at a time,” and the answer is invariably dismissed. But that is all it is. It sounds too simple to be true, but consider the Great Wall of China, if you will: One stone at a time, man. That’s all. One stone at a time. ButI’ve read you can see that motherfucker from space without a telescope.

Stephen King

if it doesn’t come bursting out of you / in spite of everything, / don’t do it. / unless it comes unasked out of your / heart and your mind and your mouth / and your gut, / don’t do it.

Charles Bukowski

Life can’t ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer’s lover until death — fascinating, cruel, lavish, warm, cold, treacherous, constant. Edna Ferber If any man wish to write in a clear style, let him be first clear in his thoughts; and if any would write in a noble style, let him first possess a noble soul.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


A Perfect Metaphor for Good Writing.

Question: How many mystery writers does it take to change a light bulb?

Answer: Two. One to screw it almost all the way in and the other to give it a surprising twist at the end.

4/6/14: I liked this. I think it is an example of excellent writing:

When you write, do it like this, except with words.

Word of the day - dysania - The state of having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning.

An opportunity to collaborate on a real creative project. Play the intro video to understand.

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