Continuing the Philosophical Search


14/6/18: A Touching Speech and Pictionary.
7/6/18: The Good Place - Episode Five.
31/5/18: The Good Place - Episode Four.
24/5/18: The Good Place - Episode Three.
17/5/18: A The Good Place Discussion - Fascinating!
10/5/18: The Good Place
26/4/18: Concluding the Humor Unit - What Makes Something Funny?

12/4/18: Ted Talk - The Psychology of Evil
8/2/18: Satire
SNL Trump
Satire is where a section of society or politics is deliberately mimicked and mocked in order to poke fun at them and point criticism using humour. e.g. Catch-22 is a satire of war.
Irony is where the opposite of what is expected happens or where someone says the opposite of what they mean. The lack of harmony between something that is expected and the reality (so if you moved jobs from being a dustman to being in a bank but were being paid less than some would point out a certain irony.)
sarcasm is where an insult or quick remark is fired at someone with the intention of causing injury. It is often used in response to an initial statement or comment in order to pour scorn on the stated idea or statement. Sarcasm often features irony (for instance, someone drops a tray and someone else shouts "Ooh, that was SO clever.")
This is where comedy is achieved through exaggeration and extreme characters in preposterous circumstances that seem to spiral out of control and become ever more ludicrous.
Black comedy
What is funnier than a dead baby?
A dead baby in a clown costume.
What is the difference between a baby and a onion?
No one cries when you chop up the baby.
What is the difference between a dead baby and a watermelon?
One's fun to hit with a sledge hammer, the other one's a watermelon.
What is the difference between a baby and a dart-board?
Dart-boards don't bleed.
This is a dark comedy where a light humored touch is applied to very dark and serious subject matter in order to ease the pain or make some specific point by juxtaposing the humour and the sadness.
Throwing together completely disjointed concepts and random ideas to weave together something bizarre. (I once heard a very funny stand up comedian come out with: "Suppose you're a fish... (pause) how are you supposed to get to the airport?... (pause) They don't make rivers that go that way."
What’s your favorite color?
Word Play and Puns
1/2/18: Different Kinds of Humor - Slapstick and Parody.
Example of Slapstick - The Three Stooges. An Example of Parody - Weird Al Eat It.
11/1/18: Internet Not Working - Played Pictionary.
4/1/18: Started the Humor Unit - Told jokes, saw short videos and memes.
Homework for next week: Think about what makes something funny.
28/12/17: Summing Up of Self vs Society Unit and Decision for Next Unit: Humor.
Homework for Next Lesson on 4/1/18: Bring in something funny to show the class and be ready to say why you find it funny.
21/12/17: Finally Finished Watching To Kill A Mocking Bird - Yay! Next Week- Sum up the Unit!
7/12/17: Continue Watching To Kill A Mocking Bird - we reached minute 1:51
30/11/17: Continue Watching To Kill A Mocking Bird - we reached minute 1:29:30
16/11/17: Continue Watching To Kill A Mocking Bird - we reached minute 100:05
9/11/17: Continue Watching To Kill A Mocking Bird - we reached minute 41:19.
2/11/17: Start Watching To Kill A Mocking Bird - till minute 19:35.
28/9/17: A Summary of Past Lessons and Songs of Self or Selfishness.

7/9/17: Introduction to Self or Society Unit - Play Chicken and Fox and think about: "If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, when?" Hillel, Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

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