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Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Mind Matters

18/6/20: Practice Module E exam - To See How Easy It Is.
16/6/20: Kahoot on What We Did This Year.
11/6/20: More Projects. It was fun!
9/6/20: Music Projects.
3/6/20:Dictation for 10/6/20: intelligent, apartment, conscious, observant, obedient, leash, furious, sorrow, react,
calm down.
2/6/20: Present Progressive Active and Passive Work - Workbook: p,54 A or B and p. 56 C, D or E.
26/5/20: Present Progressive Passive - Book: p. 91-92.
21/5/20: One Presentation and What Profession Game.
Dictation for 3/6/20: craze, addict, spread, take seriously, pronounced, patience, grid, column, suitable, wonder.
19/4/20: Descriptions - Add words to describe the pictures on this presentation.
25/3/20: Introduction  to New Unit and the Galapagos Islands - Book: p 84,  p. 87 and answer the question of E and F on p. 88.
18/3/20: Songs of Love - Book: p. 80-81.
4/3/20: Dictation for 18/3/20: magnificent, dive, breathtaking, nature reserve, stretch, symbol, unforgettable, unique, develop, isolated.
27/2/20: Workbook: p. 39-41.
25/2//20: Gerunds - Book p, 74 and Workbook p. 47.
20/2/20; 'The Rehearsal' and Figurative Language - Book; p. 76-79, exercises C, D and F, G or I.
19/2/20: Dictation for 4/3/20: brand new, face the music, too good to be true, commit a crime, be controlled, music to my ears.
13/2/20: Motown Music and Valentine's Day Activities - Book: p. 72.

12/2/20: Dictation for 19/2/20: composer, tailor-made, musician, recently, therapy, organization, favorite, path, loneliness, medicine.
6/2/20: History of Rap and "Walk These Streets" by Rakim: Book: p. 66-67, D.
5/2/20: Dictation for 12/2/20: orchestra, symphony, instrument, chord, damp, personification, conductor, rehearsal, melody, madness.
4/2/20: Finish the Present Perfect Surveys.
30/1/20: Matisyahu - Workbook: p. 34-35.
29/1/20: Dictation for 5/2/20: innovate, rhythm, rhyme, gang, responsibility, escape, unhappiness, boundary, focus, especially.
28/1/20: Starting Making a Survey Using Present Perfect - Book: p. 65.
23/1/20: More Present Perfect Work - Workbook: p. 37 and Kahoots!
22/1/20: Dictation for 29/1/20: appealing, avoid, protest, resent, violence, poverty, immigrant, hopelessness,
self-awareness, slum.
21/1/20: Present Perfect - Book: p. 63-64.
16/1/20: "Free Music For All?" and Music Idioms Puzzle - Book: p. 60-61.

Guess the Music Idiom

15/1/20: Rules Game - It was fun!
Dictation for 21/1/20: afford, affect, earn a living, property, software, theft, copyright, increase, harm, illegal.
14/1/20: Introduction to Music Unit - Book: p. 58.

9/1/20: Strictly Come Dancing - Book: p. 54-55.
Project Assignment 
Write a review of a movie TV show or book.
The work in the Workbook on p. 33 includes instructions and there is an example of a movie review  in the book on p. 47.
Submit to your Google folder by 23/1/20 (or 30/1/20 for a late date)
8/1/20: Dictation and Pictionary - No Dictation Next Week!
7/1/19: More Movie Review Work - Workbook: p. 33, C, but on Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
2/1/20: Writing A Review and Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog - Book: p. 47, A-1. Workbook: p. 32-33, A and B.
31/12/19: Truth or Lie, Hanuka Vacation.
19/12/19: "A Million Dollar Baby" - Book: p. 43-44 and Workbook: p. 29.
18/12/19: Dictation for 1/1/20: strictly, contest, participant, score, purpose, introduce, origin, subject, include, mimic.
12/12/19: Relative Clauses Practice - Book: p. 45-46, A and C. and Kahoot!
11/12/19: Dictation for 18/12/19: sophisticated, (to) affect, gym, glamorous, trailer, exceptional, role, competitive, boxer, effort.
5/12/19: Listening Comprehension, Check Work and Relative Clauses for Masa People - Book: p. 40-41.
4/19/12: Dictation for 11/12/19: reveal, achievement, qualities, equipped, row, determination, will, ceremony, scale, aching.
3/12/19: Project Assignment and Finish Touching the Void - Book: p. 36, F and G.
Project: Submit to your Google folder by 12/12/19 (or late date 19/12/19) a presentation on An Imaginary Animal or An Imaginary Place according to the examples in the links.
28/11/19: Relative Clauses - Definitions, Practice and Book: bottom of p. 45, A and p. 46, B.
27/11/19: Kahoots!
26/11/19: Workbook: p. 19.
21/11/19: Stand By Me.
20/11/19: Kahoot and Free Rice.

13/11/19: Dictation for 20/11/19: inspired, challenged, typical, adventure, back-up, search, manage, cause, effect, recommend.
12/11/19: New Unit and Reading Touching the Void - Book: p. 32-33 and 35.
7/11/19: Flowers are Red - Book: p. 26-27.

31/10/19: Halloween!

30/10/19: Dictation for 6/11/19: action, activity, physical, emotional, quotation, opportunity, movement, reveal, exercise, measure.
29/10/19: Check Work and More Work - Workbook: p. 13-14. (If you didn't finish p. 14 in class, you don't have to finish it at home.)
24/10/19: Frank Gehry and the Bilbao Effect - Book: p. 28-29, C.

23/10/19: Dictation for 30/10/19: rhyme, stanza, chorus, figurative, region, industry, tourism, exhibit, unemployment, gallery.
10/10/19: "Marla: The Four Year Old Painter" - Book: p. 20 - 21, D.
2/10/19: Active/Passive Kahoots!
26/9/19: Passive - Worksheet One, Worksheet Two, Workbook: p. 8, B; p. 9, C OR D; p. 16, B OR p. 17, E.

25/9/19: Dictation and Making Rosh HaShana Cards.
19/9/19: Leonardo Da Vinci - Book: p. 16-17, links to movies.
18/9/19: Dictation for 25/9/19: weapon, expert, design, drawing, attach, left-handed, considered, information, inventor, skydiver.
12/9/19: Teddy Roosevelt and "In Honor of the President" - Book: p. 9-10, D and E.

11/9/19: Dictation for 18/9/18: genius, backwards, vegetarian, advanced, deadly, engineer, parachute, publish, scientific, sculptor.
10/9/19: Weird Inventions - Book: p. 7 and Presentation.

5/9/19: Flow Charts, "Understand Your Dog" and AUA - Workbook p. 4.

4/9/19: Dictation for 11/4/19 - host, in honor of, incident, paws, disagreement, produce, refuse, helpless, hunting, border.
3/9/19: English Organization, Course Rules and English is Hard.

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