Class rules חוקי שעור  

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Mind Matters

18/10/18: Dictation for 25/10/18: chorus, poem, rhyme, stanza, effect, factory, economy, industrial, unemployment, unique.  
17/10/18: What is Art? and Marla Olmstead - Book: p. 20.

15/10/18: More Passive Work - Workbook: p. 8-10, A, B, C and E. 
11/10/18: Dictation for 18/10/18: impressive, abstract, obvious, features, statement, differ, relative, despite. talent. gallery.
10/10/18: Passive Knowledge of Passive - This worksheet in class and this one for homework.

8/10/18: Listening Comprehension and Adrenaline Rush - Book: p. 17.
4/10/18: Dictation for 11/10/18: intensity, delighted, layers, display, details, customer, critic, canvas, claim, complicated.
3/10/18: Leonardo da Vinci - Video Clip and Book: p. 16.
20/9/18: Dictation for 4/10/18: advanced, left-handed, genius, engineer, parachute, considered, vegetarian, sculptor, handful, scissors.
17/9/18: "In Honor of the President - Book: p. 9-10, C, D, E.
13/9/18: Dictation for 20/9/18: incident, border, host, hunt, disagreement, permission, helpless, paws, fierce, owner
12/9/18: Inventions by Chance and Rosh HaShana Kahoot! - Book: p. 8.
5/9/18: Flow Charts and Canine Comprehension - Workbook: p. 4-5.

3/9/18: Rules, Engrish and Weird Inventions: Book: p. 6-7

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