Class rules חוקי שעור

 מחוונים לכיתה י' 5 יחידות אנגלית

 Book Project * Example of Book Project


No work will be accepted after 20/6/19

All revisions must be done by 24/5/20. The final grade of a revised work is the average of original and revision. Revised work must be listed and linked to on a document in your folder named: YourName Revision.

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Masterclass

26/5/20: Finish Mr Know-All and Start Writing an Entire Essay -
Done classwork
24/5/20: Planning the Rest of the Year and Kahoot.
Homework: Watch These Videos:

Dr English Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 and the Movie

30/4/20: Check Homework and Mr Know-All Kahoots.
27/4/20: Homework. Do exercise 1 or 2. Also do exercise 3.
  1. Do True and False Together

  2. Shared Presentation

2/4/20:Present Perfect Progressive and Passover Pictionary - Homework.
26/3/20: Today, in the lesson, we started to understand when we use Present Perfect, I used this page to help explain.
We only did the first part of that document. I have marked where we stopped
For homework, please write 5 sentences using the Present Perfect. Start 3 sentence with I have... The other 2 sentences can start with You/He/She/It/We/They...
19/3/20: For the next lesson we have ((Might be Sunday) Workbook: p. 19 and רשות p. 20. Please, take a picture and send me by WhatsApp (privately) OR write the answers in a document in your Google folder.
3/3/20: Writing a Narrative - Book: p. 54.
1/3/20: Workbook: p. 23-24.
25/2/20: Accommodation Tests, Free Writing and Slang - Workbook: p. 25.
24/2/20: "The Eyes Are Watching You" - Book: p. 47-top of 49, C.
23/2/20: More Vocabulary Work - Book: p, 49-50.
18/2/20: Only Three Students - They did the Free Writing, the other students will do it next week.
17/2/20: Vocabulary Work - Workbook: p. 31-32, 4 out of 5 exercises.
16/2/20: Introduction to the Honesty Unit - Book p. 45 and top of 49.

11/2/20: Valentine's Day Presentation and Kahoot!
Free Writing for 18/2/20: White Lies.
9/2/20: Finish Compare and Contrast  and Free Writing for 11/2/20 "Discrimination".
Post-Reading for As I Grew Older
4/2/20: Another Practice Module E Exam.
3/2/20: Answer Discussion Questions and Start Compare and Contrast - Till the Venn diagrams. 
27/1/20: As I Grew Older  Kahoots!
26/1/20: Check Basic Understanding and Paraphrase the Poem.
21/1/20: Practice Module E Bagrut Exam.
19/1/20: Finish Basic Understanding and Write what the Poem is About.
and7/1/20: Kahoots and Checking Work.
Free Writing for 14/1/20: "Playing Kahoot".
6/1/20: "Fatal Food" - Workbook: p. 14-15.
31/12/19: Advantages and Disadvantages of Supertasting and Connectors - Book: p. 20. Workbook: p. 13, B.
Free Writing for 7/1/20: "Helping Out at Home".
23/12/19: Vocabulary - Book: p. 18 and Workbook p. 10.
22/12/19: Vocabulary and Two-Word Verbs - Book: p. 19, E and Workbook: p. 11.
17/12/19: Listening Comprehension - Book: p. 15.
Free Writing for 31/12/19: "My Favorite Movie".
10/12/10: Check Work, Relative Clauses Kahoot and Free Writing.
Free Writing for 17/19/12: Eating Out.
9/12/19: Workbook: p. 7.
8/12/19: Relative Clauses  Practice-  Definitions
Free Writing for Tuesday, 10/12/19: "A Person I Know and Admire".
2/12/19: Played Hangman
26/11/19: War of the Wall Online Comprehension Quiz and Free Writing on Community.
Free Writing for 4/12/19: "First Impressions".
24/11/19: Return Free Writing, Finish  Literary Terms in the War of the Wall. 
10/11/19: Read The War of the Wall.
4/11/19: Community Discussion and the Wall of Respect

3/11/19: Community.
29/10/19: The Watsons Go to Birmingham.
27/10/19: Paragraph Writing and Newsletter Paragraph.
First Free Writing in class on My Favorite Day of the Week - 12/11/19.
Moed Bet for the Writing Assignment: 31/10/19.
6/10/19: Finished This PDF.
24/9/19: Continued with This PDF through Activity Two.
23/9/19: Started Paragraph Writing - This PDF till the end of p.2.
15/9/19: "Super Tasters" - Book: p. 16-17.
10/9/19: More Unusual Restaurants and Vocabulary Work - Book: p. 8-10, exercises B, C, D, E. F is optional. Workbook: p. 5-6, A, B and C. D is optional.
9/9/19: Unusual Restaurants.

8/9/19: Books and Why Learn a Second Language - Choose a quote you connect to and explain why.
3/9/19: Aya'a Bagrut Program Presentation and Ahuva's English is Hard Presentation.

2/9/19: Silly Trivia Kahoot!

Module E

Module D or F

Module C or G

Computerized Oral Exam






When You do it

11th Grade

Half in 10th Grade and half in 11th

12th Grade

12th Grade


1, Reading Comprehension

2. Listening Comprehension

(or maybe Vocabulary Exercises if the planned changes occur)

1. Literature


3. 4 Book Reports

12 Angry Men

The War on the Wall

Mr Know-All

Rules of the Game

Richard Cory

As I Grew Older

Introduction to Poetry

2 Book Reports
2 Book Reports

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Writing Task

1. Research Project

2. Personal Interview

3. Talk about a Video Clip