Science Fiction and Fantasy

12/6/19: Review of the Year Kahoots!
5/6/19: A Charmed Episode.
29/5/19: Buffy Episode.
15/5/19: The Phantom Tollbooth - Read the first two chapters.
3/4/19: Finished The Thirteen Clocks - We liked it a lot
Decided to try writing our own fantasy stories after Passover vacation. 
27/3/19: Continued The Thirteen Clocks - almost finished.
13/3/19: Continued The Thirteen Clocks
6/3/19: Started The Thirteen Clocks
27/2/19: Finished Chapter 3 of Half Magic.
20/2/19: Continue Reading Half Magic.
9/1/19: Dr Horrible.
2/1/19: Finished Reading -All You Zombies-  - We loved it!
26/12/18: Started Reading -All You Zombies-  - Up to page the middle of page 10.
19/12/18: Finally Finished The Fifth Element
28/11/18: No internet, so we played Lists.
21/11/18 Continue The Fifth Element - till 1:48:00 (about) 
14/11/18: Continue The Fifth Element - till 1:12:00 (about)
7/11/18: Start The Fifth Element - till 35:00 (about) 
24/10/18: Robbie Discussion - Went Well with deep understanding.
17/10/18: Finished Robbie
10/10/18: Robbie - we read from p. 6 to the middle of p.12.
3/10/18: Robbie - we read from p. 4-6.
12/9/18: My Definition: A work of art that presents a reality different from the reality of the reader/viewer, but that also provides clear cues that explain the process of obtaining that difference.
My Favorite Martian

5/9/18: What is Science Fiction? Are these?