English Bagrut Module G and Oral Exam

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Results for 5 points
Exam dates: 18/11/19, 9/1/20, 24/2/20, 2/3/20 (make up exam) 7/5/20



Choosing a team


Choosing a topic and a research question

1/9/19 or 5/9/19

Finding reliable sources and getting your teacher’s approval for them

12/9/19 or 16/9/19

Highlighting and summarizing the sources (for your own use) Either highlight or short summaries in your Google Folders

20/9/19 or 23/9/19


26/9/19 or 3/10/19

Writing a first draft of body of work

26/10/19 or 31/10/19

Writing the introduction and conclusion

4/11/19 or 9/11/19

Writing your reflection and bibliography

10/11/19 or 14/11/19

Handing in the final project

21/11/19 or 28/11/19

Presenting the project in class


Oral Bagrut Matconets


Oral Bagrut


14/11/19: Tomer, Danielle and I had a private lesson.
"Some people decide whether to build connections with others based on their first impressions. Write a 12-140 word essay expressing your opinion on the reliability of first impressions."
4/11/19: Writing an Introduction and Conclusion, Speaking Practice and, oh yeah, Research Project.

31/10/19: Research Project.
29/10/19: Back to the Research Project.

24/10/19: No Computers, Class Practice in Speaking
10/10/19: Surprise! Research Project Work.
25/9/19: More Research Projects - a few kids showed up.
25/9/19: Yes. Research Projects.
23/9/19: Still Research Projecting - Everyone there, worked well.
19/9/19: Research Project Work - We have a lot to do.
10/9/19: Research Project Work - We have a lot to do!
9/9/19: Research Project Work.
5/9/19: Research Project Work.
3/8/19: Computerized English Bagrut Explanation.

2/9/19: Class Organization, The Oatmeal's English and Two Crazy Ex Girlfriend Songs.