English Bagrut Module G and Oral Exam

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Results for 5 points



Choosing a team


Choosing a topic and a research question

1/9/18 or 27/9/18

Finding reliable sources and getting your teacher’s approval for them

20/10/18 or 27/10 18

Highlighting and summarizing the sources (for your own use) Either highlight or short summaries in your Google Folders

1/11/18 or 8/11/18


8/11/18 or 15/11/18

Writing a first draft of body of work

29/11/18 or 6/12/18

Writing the introduction and conclusion

6/12/18 or 13/12/18

Writing your reflection and bibliography

13/12/18 or 20/12/18

Handing in the final project

20/12/18 or 24/1/19

Presenting the project in class


Oral Bagrut Matconets

3/2/19 and 10/2/19

Oral Bagrut


14/2/19: Oral Bagrut Order and a Little Practice.
10/2/19: Practice Oral Exams.
7/2/19: Practice Oral Exams.
3/2/19: Practice Oral Exams. 
6/1/19: Yeah, Yeah, Research Projects - Only four students showed up.
3/1/19: Still Research Projecting Hard!
20/12/18: Research Projecting.
16/12/18: Research Projecting - We decided to work on the research project on the two hours on Thursday as well. 
13/12/18: Practice G Exam.
2/12/18: No Internet Again - We played Lists.
29/11/18: Another Practice G.
25/11/18: Talking about the Research Project.
22/11/18: Practice Bagrut for Daphny and Rotem - everybody next week.
18/11/18: Research Projecting -
Some students are working hard, some not so much.
15/11/18: Practice Bagrut for Oriel and Ido - the rest next week.
11/11/18: Research Projecting.
8/11/18: Vocabulary Work and Gerunds - Book: p 98, 99. Workbook: p.64.
1/11/18: Vocabulary Work and Free Writing - Workbook: p, 90, 91 and 94.
28/10/18: Continue Individual Project Work.
25/10/18: Fixing Last Weeks Confusion and Writing a For/Against Essay - Workbook: p. 95-96 or p. 98-99.
Free Writing for 1/11/18: A For/Against essay about shortening summer vacation.
21/10/18: Individual Project Work.
18/11/18: Confusion and Mistakes! - Workbook: p. 95-96 by mistake or p. 98-99.
11/10/18: Vocabulary Work - Book: p. 69-70. No Free Writing next week.
7/10/18: Deadlines, Reliable Sources and Ask Us Anything.
4/10/18: Types of Essays and Steps for Writing an EssayBook: p.162-171.
Free Writing for 11/10/18: Write a Formal Letter Using the Topic from p. 164 in the book.
20/9/18: Writing the Introduction and Conclusion.
Free Writing for 4/10/18: Write the introduction and conclusion to a provided body of an essay.

Writing an Essay: Introduction and Conclusion

16/9/18: Late Date for Research Question: 27/9, Oral Exam in the second week of February and Password.
13/9/18: Course Explanations, Grade Calculations
and Writing A Paragraph.