Pop Culture: The History of American Television

31/5/20: Lists
24/5/20: Bingo
23/2/20: MASH
16/2/20: Emma brought Rick and Morty.
9/2/20: Ella and Naomi brought How I Met Your Mother . 
26/1/20: Watch Jack and Night Vision the Yonatan Brought.
19/1/20: Finish Flash.
12/1/20: Leonie Brought Us Flash.
5/1/20: Noam brought Drake & Josh.
22/12/19: Finish Star Trek.
8/12/19 Star Trek
1/12/19: Rowen and Martin's Laugh In - We mostly didn't get the jokes.
24/11/19: No Internet! Solved Rhebus Puzzles Instead.
17/11/19: Discussion of Beverly Hillbillies and The Twilight Zone - Twilight article in news now
10/11/19: The Twilight Zone.
27/10/19: Course Organization and A Presentation on the Impact of Televion during the 50s and 60s.

6/10/19: The Move to California and Dragnet.
22/9/19: I love Lucy and Sitcoms.
15/9/19: What is Pop Culture and The Beginnings of American TV.

First Lesson

8/9/19: The Role of TV in Our Lives - Quotes and Gogglebox.
1/9/19: Introduction to the course and 57 Channels and Nothin' On.