English Bagrut Module E and F


No work will be accepted after 15/7/20 (changed because of the Corona Weirdness)

All revisions must be done by 24/5/20. The final grade of a revised work is the average of original and revision. Revised work must be listed and linked to on a document in your folder named: YourName Revision.

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Results for 5 points
Exam dates: 30/10/19, 20/11/19, 8/1/20, 15/6/20

English Module E part of 4 or 5 points 016-481

לוח מועדי בחינות בגרות לקייץ תש"פ 2020

15/6/20: Final Practice Module E exam - Everyone was great!
10/6/20: Played Games.
8/6/20: Lesson Organization.
The final Practice Exam is Monday 15/6/20, starting at 8:40.
1/6/20: Vocabulary - Book: p. 77. Workbook: p, 51-52, 3 out of 5 exercises.
31/5/20: Listening Comprehension - Book: p. 73.
27/5/20: Research Topic and Question - Watch the two videos below.



Choosing a team


Choosing a topic and a research question


Finding reliable sources and getting your teacher’s approval for them

Highlighting and summarizing the sources (for your own use) Either highlight or short summaries in your Google Folders


Writing a first draft of body of work

Writing the introduction and conclusion

Writing your reflection and bibliography

Handing in the final project

Presenting the project in class

Oral Bagrut Matconets

Oral Bagrut

25/5/20: Introduction to the Research Project - Steps of the Research Project and Deadline Dates
24/5/20: Planning the Rest of the Year and Kahoot.
11/5/20: Listening Comp Summer 2019
7/5/20: Unseen
30/4/20: Yoav and Stav's Presentation and Vocabulary Kahoot.

ReadWorks Classroom 11th Grade

How to get students to their assignments

1. Have students go to   www.readworks.org/student                        

2. Students enter class code SX7QWU                            

3. Tell your students that their default password is 1234                    

Note: Students can change their passwords when they log in, and you can change student passwords on this page.           

  1. Set up meetings

  2. Listening The Recording and the form (Winter 2019)

31/3/20: HOTS for Identifying Patterns and Image Wheel - Identifying Patterns document and Image Wheels
24/3/20: Personification in Introduction to Poetry - Do exercises B and C. 
17/3/20: Online Coronavacation Lesson - The presentation; The poem; The work.
4/3/20: Played Taboo - It was fun!
1/3/20: Book: p. 32.
24/2/20: Future Tenses Work - Workbook: p. 20-21.
23/2/20: Future Tenses - Book: p. 31 and 176.
19/2/20: "From Homeless to Harverd" - Book: p. 33 and 35, only the brown bits.
16/2/20: Finished Joy Luck Club
12/2/20: Continued Joy Luck Club  till 1:26:34
3/2/20: Joy Luck Club - Till minute 26.
29/1/20: Final Class Discussion on These Questions and A Cheat Sheet for The Joy Luck Club.
22/1/20: Time to Work on Literature Assignments.
19/1/20: Answer Two of These Questions.
13/1/20: Cause and Effect - Presentation and Work.
12/1/20: Return of the E and News Article of a Real Life Child Chess Protegy.
8/1/20: Practice Module E Exam.
5/1/20: Basic Understanding Kahoots!
23/12/19: Literary Aspects of Rules of the Game - Title; Setting; Plot; Language; Time Structure; Narrative Voice
11/12/19: Watched What We Did on Our Holiday - There is a link to it in our WhatsApp group, if anyone wants to see it.
9/12/19: More Pre-Reading - Ivy Dreams.
4/12/19: Free Writing and an Unseen Requiring Modals - Book: p. 14.
2/12/19: Modals and Semi-Modals - Book: p. 13.
27/11/19: Vocabulary Work and a Present Tenses Kahoot - Workbook: p. 11-13 4 out of 7 exercises.
Free Writing for 4/12/19: "Smoking Cigarettes".
24/11/19: Return Listening Exam and Present Tenses - Workbook: p.13, exercise 1 and p. 14 (2 out of 3 exercises).
20/11/19: Listening Comprehension Exam and Free Rice.
18/11/19: A Discussion on Missing Exams.
17/11/19: Present Tenses - Book: p. 20.
13/11/19: Listening Comprehension, Stav and Yoav's Presentation and Checking Work - Book: p. 22.
11/11/19: "The Disaster Between Our Ears - Book: p. 8-10, exercises 3B and 4 (1-6).
10/11/19: Shira, Lia and Romi's Excellent Presentation and the Return of E.
4/11/19: Hila stole my lesson.
3/11/19: Vocabulary Work - Book: p, 11.
30.10.19: Practice Module E Exam.
6/10/19: Post Reading Assignment and Open Questions on 12 Angry Men.
2/10/19: Finished the movie and Kahooted!
25/9/19: We started watching the movie of 12 Angry Men - 47 minutes left.
22/9/19: Lesson Organization, Essay Grading and a Traditional Rosh HaShana.
18/9/19: Finished Reading 12 Angry Men - YAY! We liked it.
15/9/19: Continued Reading 12 Angry Men - We are in the beginning of Act II.
11/9/19: Continued Reading 12 Angry Men and Free Writing.
9/9/19: Decision for Two 5 Point Groups and Starting Reading 12 Angry Men.
4/9/19: Pre-Reading Activities for 12 Angry Men - Presentation and An Activity on the Pros and Cons of the Jury System.  Free Writing Assignment for 11/9/19: Write an essay 120-140 words on: My Favorite Part of My Summer Vacation.

2/9/19: A discussion on Class Rules.
1/9/19: Explanation of the course and Thoughts on a Second Language.

Module E

Module F

Module G

Oral Exam






When You do it

11th Grade

Half in 11th Grade and half in 10th

12th Grade

12th Grade


1, Reading Comprehension

2. Listening Comprehension

1. Literature


3. 4 Book Reports

12 Angry Men

War of the Wall

Mr Know-All

Rules of the Game

Introduction to Poetry

As I Grew Older

2 Book Reports
2 Book Reports

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Writing Task

1.Research Project

2. Personal Interview