English Bagrut Module E and F


Graded Bagrut Assignments and their Due Dates

exams Nov 27, Dec 11, Mar 5, April 2

All revisions must be done by 20/5/18. The final grade of a revised work is the average of original and revision. Revised work must be listed and linked to on a document in your folder named: YourName Revision.

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Results for 5 points

16/10/18: Watch 12 Angry Men - 45 minutes still left. 
11/10/18: Finished Reading 12 Angry Men - We liked it.
9/10/18: Continued Reading 12 Angry Men - Up to the middle of p. 30.
7/10/18: Started Reading 12 Angry Men - Up to the end of p. 8.
20/9/18: Check Work and Password.
16/9/18: Flowcharts and "The Disaster Between Out Ears" - Book: p, 8 and 10, the brown parts.

13/9/18: More Course Explanations and Grade Calculations.
4/9/18: Vocabulary Work - Book: p. 11-12, exercises 1-6.
2/9/18: Year Plan, Rules, Engrish and Cards

Module E

Module F

Module G

Oral Exam






When You do it

11th Grade

Half in 11th Grade and half in 10th

12th Grade

12th Grade


1, Reading Comprehension

2. Listening Comprehension

1. Literature


3. 4 Book Reports

12 Angry Men

War of the Wall

Mr Know-All

Rules of the Game

Introduction to Poetry

As I Grew Older

2 Book Reports
2 Book Reports

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Writing Task

1.Research Project

2. Personal Interview