English Bagrut Module E and F


No work will be accepted after 20/6/19

All revisions must be done by 24/5/20. The final grade of a revised work is the average of original and revision. Revised work must be listed and linked to on a document in your folder named: YourName Revision.

Classwork and Assignments
book and workbook: Results for 5 points
Exam dates: 30/10/19, 20/11/19, 8/1/20, 26/2/20, 22/4/20 (make up exam) 7/5/20

17/11/19: Present Tenses - Book: p. 20.
13/11/19: Listening Comprehension, Stav and Yoav's Presentation and Checking Work - Book: p. 22.
11/11/19: "The Disaster Between Our Ears - Book: p. 8-10, exercises 3B and 4 (1-6).
10/11/19: Shira, Lia and Romi's Excellent Presentation and the Return of E.
4/11/19: Hila stole my lesson.
3/11/19: Vocabulary Work - Book: p, 11.
30.10.19: Practice Module E Exam.
6/10/19: Post Reading Assignment and Open Questions on 12 Angry Men.
2/10/19: Finished the movie and Kahooted!
25/9/19: We started watching the movie of 12 Angry Men - 47 minutes left.
22/9/19: Lesson Organization, Essay Grading and a Traditional Rosh HaShana.
18/9/19: Finished Reading 12 Angry Men - YAY! We liked it.
15/9/19: Continued Reading 12 Angry Men - We are in the beginning of Act II.
11/9/19: Continued Reading 12 Angry Men and Free Writing.
9/9/19: Decision for Two 5 Point Groups and Starting Reading 12 Angry Men.
4/9/19: Pre-Reading Activities for 12 Angry Men - Presentation and An Activity on the Pros and Cons of the Jury System.  Free Writing Assignment for 11/9/19: Write an essay 120-140 words on: My Favorite Part of My Summer Vacation.

2/9/19: A discussion on Class Rules.
1/9/19: Explanation of the course and Thoughts on a Second Language.

Module E

Module F

Module G

Oral Exam






When You do it

11th Grade

Half in 11th Grade and half in 10th

12th Grade

12th Grade


1, Reading Comprehension

2. Listening Comprehension

1. Literature


3. 4 Book Reports

12 Angry Men

War of the Wall

Mr Know-All

Rules of the Game

Introduction to Poetry

As I Grew Older

2 Book Reports
2 Book Reports

1. Reading Comprehension

2. Writing Task

1.Research Project

2. Personal Interview